How Millennials Can Master Financial Wellness Through Communication
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Caitlin Chen
Published on January 12, 2021

How Millennials Can Master Financial Wellness Through Communication

Getting yourself financially fit isn’t just strictly about making money and saving money. A large part of it involves the process of improving yourself both personally and professionally to be better equipped with the skills necessary to get a promotion, or to use those skills to build and expand your own business.

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Millennials in the workplace, are more likely to speak up and contribute their ideas even as a new hire with limited experience, than previous generations. In turn, organizations can greatly benefit from new and diverse ideas.

Build Skills to Speak to a Bigger Audience
One way to master the art of communicating is not just being able to speak in a small group setting but being able to transform your ideas into words that will inspire the masses.

One of the most important ways to enhance your personal value is to develop your communications skills by practicing public speaking. According to many surveys, fear of public speaking ranks at the top of most people’s fears.

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So, you’re probably wondering why improving on this scary subject can lead to financial success. Below are 5 benefits of honing your public speaking skills.

  1. Boost Self-confidence Overcoming your fear of public speaking can empower your mind and boost your self-confidence. This new level of trust in yourself can help you expand your social network and allow you to not be afraid to seek others out for advice. You never know who you might meet at a social gathering who may have the knowledge and resources you’ll need to expand your skills and knowledge.
  2. Career Advancement – It is one of the most important ways to prepare yourself for future promotions and showcase your leadership abilities. The higher you rise up the ranks in any corporation, the more you are required to speak in front of a large crowd whether it be employees, shareholders or customers. Just ask yourself, how many CEO’s of large corporations do you know who are afraid of public speaking? Even if you don’t aspire to become the next CEO of your firm, just simply getting a promotion may require you to interview in front of a panel of senior executives, which may be quite intimidating if you tend to be fearful of public speaking.
  3. Deliver a Clearer Message – Enough practice speaking in front of a crowd, will help you become more aware when you use filler words. So, what is a filler word? It is a meaningless word, phrase or sound to fill the silence in a speech and often drowns out your real message. Some most common filler words are: ah, um, you know, like, right, okay. These words are often used during times of high stress and anxiety and words can get ahead of our thoughts. Frequent use of filler words can make the speaker seem less confident or just simply lazy about language. However, with consistent practice, one’s tendency to use them will slowly dissipate.
  4. Improve Critical Thinking – Crafting a powerful speech takes a lot of research and organization. This process is a great exercise for the mind which you may otherwise not have an opportunity to do, unless your occupation requires you to constantly write reports. Audiences usually have a short attention span and using critical thinking to organize your speech will better prepare you to capture your audience with an organized and memorable message.
  5. Inspire Change – Change happens when we all work together for a common cause. This can only happen when we inspire others to take action by communicating thoughts, opinions and beliefs through words. In politics, utilizing your skills as a public speaker is a great way to motivate others to seek political change through non-violent activism.

Final Thoughts
When you use your voice to communicate effectively, you enrich, not only your own personal and professional growth, but inspire others to challenge themselves. In addition, you will indirectly move yourself closer to financial wellness as many opportunities may open up as a result of stronger leadership and communication skills.

An organization that I’ve been involved in for the last five years which has greatly fostered my personal and professional growth is Toastmasters. Toastmasters will give anyone willing to learn and take action, the opportunity to improve on public speaking and leadership skills. Please check out their website at

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In my next blog post I will share some tips and tricks on how you can prepare and deliver a great speech.

How has improving on your communication skills helped you financially? Share your stories by commenting below.

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